Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Bubbles and Giggles

I find that I am surrounded by great friends and people at the moment. Great colleagues. Great students (though they drive me crazy). Great family. And, of course, great friends. I am so LUCKY!
Tonight was catch-up night with old friends. Time to see the God-children. Always a good thing when kids come careening toward you yelling your name, jump into your arms and plant numerous kisses all over your face!!
After dinner, the 5 of us ended up in the outdoor spa (big bath). That is a pretty tight fit. Three large adults and two kids! Lots of slippery skin and giggly kids. It was decided that there would be no in bed stories as it was getting late. Instead we told stories in the round. Each person took a turn to continue the story. Milla started. She's almost 6. The main characters were 'Rose-Red' and Rose-White' (sound familiar?). Anyway, here is what I remember...

Rose-Red (let's call her RR) and Rose-White (RW) were left at home one day when their Mum and Dad went out for dinner. RR was naughty, left the house and disappeared into the forest. A wolf followed her (still sound familiar?). The wolf jumped out and started kissing her. Meanwhile, back at the house, RW decided to go shopping. First she bought a pair of granny-undies and then she bought some red baby undies. She put the red undies on her ears. She went home. Suddenly, she only had two toes on each foot. The baby undies now fit on her feet so she put them on. She climbed up a tree and went to sleep like a bat, holding in with her four toes. RR was still lost in the forest. She was able to find her way home with her 7foot long, glowing eyelash and robot arms. She smashing into the backyard and knocked down the tree where RW was sleeping. RW fell out of the tree catching on to the eye-lash, saving her life! The mum and dad came home and they all lived happily ever after.

There was more. Much more detail. I was crying with laughter throughout most of it. Milla tied the whole story together. AJ added the baby red undies. Sean added ALL the crazy parts. It was so much fun!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Did you know that I love Japan?

Of course you do! I really miss the craftiness of the place. The ease to pop to the shops and buy good quality fabric and notions at great prices. I have, however, noticed that since coming home, it is becoming easier and easier to buy these goods from the comfort of my own home here in Melbourne. They are much more expensive and you often have to take into account the postage but I love that I can get my hands on them!
My new best friend is thisandthatjapan over at Etsy. She even lives not far from where I lived in Japan. Her Etsy shop is full of goodies and I have to stop myself from shopping there more often. Here are my two favourites that arrived this week...

When a present just fits.

"Perfect presents" or "Totally cool presents"I am not sure which title to go with. Anyway, Annie gave me just the most perfect gift as a thank you for making her cat cushion covers. I was so surprised and didn't expect anything.
I have seen Sukie products before and loved them but never purchased. Brunswick Bound sells some and apparently Belkie (Rathdown St) does too as that is where Annie went shopping.
Look what she bought me. Transfers or iron-ons. So totally cool. I want to place them everywhere. I want to buy t-shirts just for these. I love them. Look at how many cool designs there are to choose from. Much better than stickers!!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Today is auction day

Be right back after it is all over...
Good news - I hope!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Completed project

Finished these over the weekend. My lovely friend Annie asked me to make two cat cushions that don't look like cat cushions! She wanted something to blend in. Look nice. Be inconspicuous.
Both cushions are European Pillows. I made up the pattern. I had grand designs to do lots of piecing and patchwork but ended up going very simple. I like them. The back is just an overlap. I wasn't too sure it would work out. I thought it might gape a bit but they don't! The pillow ensures it stays in place.
Now we have to wait to take a photo of the cats curled up on them!

Mimi Kirchner is really amazing

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Local Field Trip

We went on a fabulous excursion today. Free.
Playing in parks along the way.
Lunch at a great, big park.
We planned to walk from school to a local playground. Along the way, the kids had a kind of treasure hunt. The teachers had planned out a route and taken lots of photos before setting out with kids. The kids activity involved finding local landmarks, surveying local businesses and services and becoming aware of the features of our own community.
We stopped along the way for snacks, sketching and a play.
We ended up at a big park for lunch. Four different groups walked today, on four different routes. We ended up with about 95 kids at that park. It was so much fun. There were smiles and laughter all around. No-one got in trouble. I was proud to be out and about with those kids!
The walk back was slow. We were all so tired. It had been such a nice day. The last hour of the day, the kids had choices; silent reading, sleeping, lying down and resting. Some kids actually went to sleep. That is how comfortable we were! Here is the view from where I was laying. Great day!

4km - outward journey
1.7km - return journey
5.7km - total!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

New month. New season. Feeling fine!

Welcome spring. We're very ready for you!

I am trying very hard to focus on the positives right now (let's face it, lots of good stuff happening). School is a tricky place right now. People so sick right left and centre and those left behind manning the fort (get well soon loved ones!). Kids being rat-bags. Nearly the end of term so everyone (especially me) is tired (ほんと に つかれた!)

I stop and smile as often as possible. I smile at the kids who will come to give me a hug in front of the rest of the class. The naughty child in tears when he hurt himself and wanting nothing more than a snuggle. The little prep kids calling hello from far across the yard. The laughter at what ever story I may be reading. Beautiful manners (got to love the pleases and thank yous).

Have I already told you that I really adore my class? I am such a lucky teacher. Each and every student is unique, kind and thoughtful. It is a pleasure to spend such a large part of my day with them all (there are 49!).