Thursday, July 12, 2007

Two more sleeps

Oh my gosh - time flies. At the beginning of any holiday, it feels as though you have all the time in the world but pretty quickly the end draws near.

I have had my fill of rain (though I am here in the rainy season)... I have still managed to take plenty of photos. Anyone who wants to be bored (but pretend to be interested) can take a look at them anytime.

I arrived into Kyoto and booked into my fave little hostel budget inn. I was sitting in my room watching two girls play cards. They seemed to be speaking bad/simple Japanese. Eventually we spoke to each other. Turns out one of them was Japanese and the other was Taiwanese. We spoke a bit more and the Japanese girl was from Yamaguchi - my area of nipon! Such a small world.

Yesterday was 'see new things' day. I headed off to Sanjusangendo to see the million buddha statues (there are actually 1001). It was raining heavily. After that, I took a train to Byodo-in. It was beautiful. It was only drizzling by this time. The building is lovely. Large and wooden over a small pond.

On a whim, I stopped on the way back to Kyoto to see the Fushimi-inari shrine. I had been there before and was mildly impressed. I thought I would give it another go. It was so pretty in the rain. Very atmospheric.

So tomorrow is last minute viewing. A walk in the morning, prehaps and then rest. Packing and then a city walk in the evening.

See you sometime next week from Aus. Heaps of photos to come. Watch here and especially over at flickr.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Catching up with old friends

Me and Lee
Originally uploaded by Really Turning Japanese
An evening in at Gotcha and a few of the old gang came out to play. I was so lucky that Lee was in town as he now lives near Tokyo.

Remember 'LOCK UP' Del?

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Don't panic... I am fine

The holiday was off to a rocky start (almost as bad as my Bangkok experience)! I booked on the net with Jetstar, Melbourne to Sydney and then international to Osaka. I arrived at the airport super early thanks to Jodi, booked in and waited for my flight. I waited and waited. There was no plane. I was wondering if I would make my connection in Sydney considering I had to book in there and pass through customs! I was assured that I should be fine. Eventually, we arrived into Sydney at 11.05 and I was due to fly out at 11.30. I had to catch the bus transfer to the international terminal, check-in and get through customs. Lets just say I ran faster than I have ever! Thank God my main case was checked right through. I have never been through customs faster. The plane was still there and I wasn't quite the last to board. Talk about stress!

Day 2 - Osaka to Mojiko. Due to rain today. I took 6 trains to get to Mojiko. It started to pour half way through the trip. OMG. If only we could have a bit of that rain over the cathments in Victoria. I got to my hotel at the other end of the day and checked in. I headed out again in the rain to shop. The rain stopped and I wa able to sight see a bit!

Day 3 - Wedding... I woke today to no rain (lucky). I headed across the bay and back to Yamaguchi (my home prefecture). My aim of the day - SALMON CHEESE SUSHI... I wandered and snapped until the sushi restaurant opened. Ate salmon cheese sushi (the cheese is grilled and it all melts in your mouth) and blow fish - yum. Headed back across the bay for the wedding. There was the ceremony, reception, after party and the after, after party. All involved eating (apart from the ceremony). I fell into bed at 12.30

Day 4 - Today. Headed to Yamaguchi city and had lunch at Alex's favouite cafe. It was still great. Finally arrived at Kazumi and Andrew's place and ate San Zoku for dinner. i am now ready to fall into bed.