Friday, November 23, 2007

Hot and cold

It was about 35 on Monday, 37 on Tuesday, raining all day Wednesday, 18 yesterday and the same today.
I am not enjoying this weather.
Monday night I didn't sleep. Tuesday night I slept with no coverings, little clothing and a fan directly on me... Last night I had long sleep ware and all my bed coverings...

Now I have a little cold!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Friend Wheel (thanks to Facebook)

So, I am still here. It is strange how I used to be disappointed that people stopped blogging once they left Japan or they joined Facebook... now I am one of those people. I am still here though. Del and I were talking just yesterday about how much we miss blogging. We really enjoy it. I just never seem to get the time. Facebook isn't even my excuse as I don't get onto that too often (can't use it at school and have no net at home)... I will try to be better... Stay posted.

Now, onto Facebook. When I do get on, it is lots of fun. Funny to catchup with long lost school friends. I also invited the other 'Ellen Waters' to be my friend. I think I have 5 as my friends now - weird! I saw an application on Anna's page so I thought I'd try it. It is a friend wheel. It takes all the people that are your friends and shows how they are connected to each other. Cool, huh? Anna is stoked that she is such a hub for my wheel (I'd hope so as she is my sister). She is the hub to the Marinelli's and her AFS friends. The most obvious hub on my wheel is however, Japan... Look at that green section. It is a mass of lines. If you can't see it properly, click on it to see in larger.