Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some of the relatives

Here's Grandpa (I think he should be called "Grey Grey" as he is so grey and it matches his name), Aunty Ellen (me) and the new Mum (Anna).

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What do you REALLY need?

(Anna is the baby in this photo, soon to be new mum, and my mum is holding her, soon to be grandma)
Pitter patter.  Do you hear the sound of little feet?  In case you missed it, my sister is pregnant.  Very exciting.  Babe is due at the end of March and we're counting down.
We've recently shared several interesting conversations.  The most recent was about what 'baby' items you realistically need as a new mum!  She believes that the commercial world out there is out to convince you that you need every little item.  We were talking about nappy bags.  She thinks it is silly when the nappy bag is childlike or covered in some kiddy character.  Who is the bag for?  She is far more keen to use a large bag she already has or wait to see if and what she needs in a bag.
This leads me to ask you mums out there, what do you really need?  What can't you live without?  I am very interested to know and I'll pass the info on to Anna...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Want to see some recent photos of Japan?

Comment and let me know!

Can someone explain this?

Mostly Cloudy
AM Clouds/PM Sun
Partly Cloudy
Extended Forecast
High: 15°
Low: 11°
High: 17°
Low: 8°
High: 22°
Low: 8°
High: 21°
Low: 11°
High: 26°
Low: 11°
Look closely at Thursday...  22 is not bad for a spring day.  Warmish, especially if the sun is shining.  But, what is with the low of 8?  That is cold, cold, cold for this time of year.  Bring on the warm weather!


No... not that drastic, but...

What happens on those nights when you go to bed tired (after a late coffee and two champagnes) and you just can't fall asleep?  I mean, you are seriously tired.  You need the sleep.  You've been unwell.  YOU JUST CAN'T SLEEP!  What happens?  Time passes and you know that you must have been asleep but you still feel wide awake.  You feel like you have been awake for hours.  You wind yourself up more and more and suddenly, it is morning!  You must have slept.  

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Once there was a little mouse...

I wonder who he/she looks like?
I wonder what he/she will be like?

I can't wait to meet you... Until March!

(CONGRATULATIONS Anna and Tino - Love you both)