Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Local Field Trip

We went on a fabulous excursion today. Free.
Playing in parks along the way.
Lunch at a great, big park.
We planned to walk from school to a local playground. Along the way, the kids had a kind of treasure hunt. The teachers had planned out a route and taken lots of photos before setting out with kids. The kids activity involved finding local landmarks, surveying local businesses and services and becoming aware of the features of our own community.
We stopped along the way for snacks, sketching and a play.
We ended up at a big park for lunch. Four different groups walked today, on four different routes. We ended up with about 95 kids at that park. It was so much fun. There were smiles and laughter all around. No-one got in trouble. I was proud to be out and about with those kids!
The walk back was slow. We were all so tired. It had been such a nice day. The last hour of the day, the kids had choices; silent reading, sleeping, lying down and resting. Some kids actually went to sleep. That is how comfortable we were! Here is the view from where I was laying. Great day!

4km - outward journey
1.7km - return journey
5.7km - total!


hausfrau said...

Saw you all. Tooted.

Marg and Graham said...

Looks like everyone had SO much fun - just like me but my time was inside and outside ALL day!

sooz said...

What a great excursion! Love the use of photo pre work!

superrelish said...

I passed one group of intrepid walkers on my way to a meeting. The meeting went too long for me to go hunting for the rest of the explorers. Perhaps next time?