Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welcome to blog world...

Visit this friend of mine.  She's joined the blog world!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The love of crafting has always been there!

I guess that in some ways I have always been a bit of a crafter.  Though, I have always crafted in fits and starts.  Crazily knitting beanies all of one summer for example.  I remember being in the group to help the craftily challenged when in grade 6.  Somehow I always manage to be 'too busy' to really sit down and really enjoy any particular craft.
Circa 2005 (whilst living in Japan) I found my lovely friend Sooz via Loobylu's blog.  A whole world of crafting, the kind I love, opened up to me!
I have been to two crafter's weekends with this person, this person, this person and of course this person...

There had been lots of talk about the Stitches and Craft show coming up in Melbourne so I planned to go. 
The night before I felt like a kid about to be let loose in a toyshop.  The show totally didn't let me down.  It was WONDERFUL!  I loved it.  I spent a little bit and wanted to spend so much more!!
Here is most of the fabric I bought... Already stitched up.  I bought a green/orange pack from, Leni and Rose?
The boarder green was from Kelani.
Still have to do the quilting bit.  
You can't see it in the photos, but the back in a blanket off cut from Pear Tree.  Oh, Pear Tree how I love thee!
This lot is my favourite.  Very precious.  I am hoping to collect enough to make a quilt for my own bed.  You can see a wonderful pack from Green Olive.  The birds are you know who... yes Kristen Doran.  Love her!  And... Shannon, I'd like you to know I bought from you.  I didn't just pickup and put back.  I do wish I bought more though... I LOVE all of your wares!!!
In other news...
I won a blog giveaway.  How lucky am I.  These little felt bowls are much sort after and now I have one.  Thanks to the lovely Jo over at Jelly Baby for making the bowl and hosting the giveaway.
And here it is in situ.  Don't you just love it...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I feel the Earth move...

... under my feet - again!

Did you feel that?  Another tremor.  What is happening in Melbourne?  We aren't supposed to have Earthquakes here.  I lived for two years in Japan and it was an expected occurrence but not here!  That is two quakes in about two weeks.  It is almost exciting...

P.S. I wasn't imagining it.  See...

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