Sunday, August 28, 2005

Has to be posted

These would have to possible be my three most devoted followers. Devoted to each other and to me. I love the goggles and I think I love the hugs and snuggles even more. Milla, my cheek is still wet from your girrafe kiss. Right back at ya!

Back in the land of SAN ZOKU

Firstly San Zoku is probably the restaurant I will miss most when I am finally back home for good. As from the heading... I am back in Japan. Safe and sound and feeling just a little bit weird. It is like I have split myself in two. I really do want to be in two places at once. I am sure my unease will settle in a few days and it will be down to business... Making the most of everyday I have left here. Let the adventue continue...

Also I will try to upload a few fave pics from Australia. I am trying to proove it to myself that I can take a pretty good picture anywhere. It isn't just down to the fact that I live in Japan.

Pic one is a cherry blossom at Mum's school. So fully out and beautiful that I had to get amongst the bees and risk a shot (I do have an allergy).

Number two is Margo's beautiful Magnolia (or is it David's). I was at home right at the opposity time that Mum and Jodi visited me. Cherry blossom and magnolia time. In about one week it will be breath taking. I should introduce the Japanese tradition of Haname. Haname is long bbq picnics under the cherry blossoms. Lovely.

Friday, August 26, 2005

The return!

Hmmm. I guess that Lauren has arrived safely back in Japan and Rosie and Dan must be close behind. You see, we all left together. Within minutes of each other on the same day. Heading to our own homes.
Now the much anticipated break on home soil is over (well just about for me). I thought that I would be sadder. I kind of am but only a little bit. As before, I will dearly miss my friends and family but I am excited about the new adventures ahead of me. I am definitely not ready for the Japan part of my life to be over. I have so much more to learn, share and experience.
So there you go. Anyone who is still at home (where ever that may be)... See you in about a year. I will think of you often and anyway, you can come and visit. Anyone who is still in Japan. Yeah... I can't wait to see you and have lots more fun together.

The Devine Ones!

They were in America and then they weren't. I am so glad we could catch up and play and bond all over again. I can't believe how quickly and easily I was right back in there and a big part of their lives. I will savor all the hugs kisses and especially giraffe kisses (imagine big long tongue licks). I love you so much.

Melbourne Blaze!!!

This is a picture of a fire that a friend and I drove past in Melbourne. We went for a sticky beak and called 000. Very exciting. The day was very windy so the black smoke was pushed right down to the ground. About 7 fire engines finally arrived and the fire caused over $2.5 million damage. We even saw some small explosions. At that point we thought it was time to clear out.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

There's no place like home

I can't believe it. I am down to counting the days till I go home. Saturday morning at 10.30 I fly off to Melbourne. I can't describe how excited I am. I wouldn't have thought it would cause me this much joy. I can't wait to see everyone. Catch up and fill my cuddle tank. Cuddles from everyone please!
I am supposed to be cleaning and packing but I am finding it difficult to do either. It will all come together and before I know it, up and away..............................