Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crafty like a fox

Hmmm, how to start?  I guess I need to begin when I was in Japan.  I hadn't been blogging long and I was always on the hunt for good blogs to read.  Almost any topic was great just to get a fix of English.  I stumbled across Loobylu's blog and fell in love with blogs to do with families, art and craftiness.  From Loobylu, I found my way to Soozs blog.  Here was this talented woman who had just arrived home to Melbourne from Thailand.  She was a natural 'crafty'.  I could see that she was able to turn her hand at anything and follow (or purposely change) any pattern put in front of her.  I saw that she had created a 'softie' that was a character from Japan.  I immediately commented and our communication/friendship began there.  Sooz was the first (and only) person that I have done a 'swap' with.In 2007, I was finally able to meet Sooz.  She organised a meet up in Melbourne 
and about 10 women turned up.  We had fun chatting face to face about blogs and 'real' life!  Sooz also organises 'craft' weekends away for these women to relax, socialise, learn a new skill or just finish off their projects.  I have been keen to attend one of these weekends for a while.
This past weekend, I finally joined in on a 'craft' weekend.  We headed down to Bendigo for the wool show.  
Wow!  What a show.  I didn't buy anything but fell in love with the alpaca.
Crazy, funny looking animals!  I took lots of photos and headed into town for lunch.
The rest of the time involved talking and eating.  What a great opportunity to make new friends.  I sometimes think that I am a tad anti-social.  It takes a bit to get me to mingle (I force myself as I think it is healthy).  I left the weekend with a new passion and desire to learn more about felting (wet and dry) and crochet (which I am going to have to persist with).
Thanks to Sooz and all the girls for making the weekend what it was.  It may have been the 6th craft weekend but it will always be in my memory as my first.  I hope to join in for a future weekend.