Sunday, August 24, 2008

On a lighter note...

Why do I like CSI: Miami so much when David Caruso clearly can't act?  You could replace him with a cardboard cutout and have the same effect.

What's Good For You

Spring makeover special.

At what age do we suddenly feel 'grown-up'?  I don't mean turning 18 and being able to drive/drink/vote or turning 21 when everyone celebrates your coming of age.  When do we feel that kind of 'mum' age?  I guess that is what I am getting at.
This feeling has overwhelmed me in the past couple of years.  I am not saying that I feel 'old' but I do feel changed.  Go back say 4 years and (in my mind) my students would look at me as the cool, young teacher.  Now I feel like they look at me as the cool teacher who could be their mum (as I am the same age as many of their parents - or older!).
I am also the heaviest that I have ever been.  Only a bit heavier (not much) but it makes heaps of difference.  I am constantly thinking about what I am eating.  Sometimes I make the conscious effort to reduce what I eat and sometimes I just have to have one more chocolate.  I joined the gym and enjoy going.  The problem with joining a gym is the guilt I feel when I don't visit.  I so need to go more regularly.  

So, lets get back to the title of this post... I am sitting here on a Sunday night and watching the new episodes of 'What's Good For You?'.  It is a spring cleaning, make-over special.  I am going to get back on track even if it kills me.  For a start, I need to watch less TV.  Here are my current goals.  They are in no specific order and I am not planning to implement all of them at once.  I just think these are a few things I should improve...

1.  Drink less coffee WITHOUT sugar.  
2.  Visit the gym at least 3 times a week including at least one fitness class.
3.  Walk to school (2.5km one-way) at least 3 times a week.
4.  Reduce the amount of unhealthy snacking (it sugary snacks including chocolate and ice cream).
5.  Eat more nuts as a snack.
6.  Eat more fish (Why don't I? I love it!)
7.  Drink more water.
8.  Attend to personal grooming more often (ie waxing - ouch)
9.  Eat more salads and fresh veggies.
10.  Eat less pasta (not cut it out but reduce serving size)

Anyone else out there got any more hints or suggestions.  Key weight loss ideas.  Motivational statements... I think that is something I really need - MOTIVATION!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

If I was a manga character...

This is as close as I could get it...
This is how I'd like an avatar version of me to look like!

Where have I been?

I have had a very busy Internet/computer related fortnight.  I had to hand in my leased Mac, then wait patiently for my brand new leased Mac to arrive.  
So here it is and I love it.  I spent the first night reloading a whole lot of needed music, photos and files.  It took hours.  I 'played' at Del's house for hours too - on the Internet downloaded things like Skype
I am also counting down the weeks until I head back to Japan (5 weeks and counting).  I am organising the four of us.  It is so exciting but also very stressful (Anna, you know what I am talking about).  Lots of places to go, people to see and most importantly, FOOD TO EAT!
Amongst all this, I was introduced to Twitter and a few other new 'toys' on the net.  I have been a busy girl!  Blogging has suffered a little bit.  I just wanted to let you know that I am still here.  Still thinking about blogging...