Sunday, June 24, 2007

Here I come...

The time has come. I fly out Thursday morning. I hope I get the chance to blog whilst I am away. Stay posted to see. Should be interesting. I have a wedding, Kyoto and about a million people to catch up with.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A fantastic experience at school...try to follow

The following conversation that occurred between myself and about 5 seven to ten year olds in my class. It went back and forth for about 20 minutes as we finished off some laminating. I will try my best to distil the conversation into one you can follow. I was literally crying with laughter through most of it. I love them. So cute and funny. Here you go, I'll try to make is easy for you...

JACOB (seven) - "Ellen, do you have a husband?"

ME - "No, do you know any good ones that are available?"

JACOB - laughs and says no

MATT (eight) pipes up - "No, she needs a boyfriend first. Ellen, do you have a boyfriend?"

ME - "No, do you know any good ones that are available?"

DAROOD (eight) pipes up - "Yeah, you get a boyfriend for two months and then you get married."

JACOB - "Yeah, you get married and the 42 or 40 weeks later you have a baby"

(At this point I am rolling around on the floor and wondering how a seven year old knows the gestation period for babies. We kept talking and I asked them what would happen at my wedding. I asked Jacob about what he would say if he was the priest...)

JACOB - "Now you kiss... No wait. First I would say, Do you accept? You can say yes or no. Then you ask the little boy for the ring. He give it to you and you get married. You kiss and then 40 weeks later, you have a baby" (he kept arriving back at the baby issue)

GEORGIA (nine) - "You need a wedding dress. A white one. And a thing to go over your head with a TIANA."

(Again, I was rolling around on the floor. Finally on the wedding day topic...)

GEORGIA - "And you need someone to carry you at the wedding. It has to be someone older than you. Your Grandfather."

ME - "My Grandfather is dead"

GEORGIA - "Your mother"

ME - "She's overseas"

GEORGIA - "Your dad"

ME - "He's overseas with my mum."

GEORGIA - "I know... Annie!"

(So there you go. Annie will be carrying me to my wedding - thanks Annie.)

Finally our conversation ends as follows with Jacob's words of wisdom.

JACOB - "You don't need to have a wedding. You can just go to a restaurant. You give the ring to the man. He puts it in a glass. You drink and find it. There is music. You kiss and 40 weeks later, you have a baby!"

I really was crying. Great conversation. Great kids. Great fun!