Sunday, November 08, 2009

Internet shopping I just can't live without

I thought I might create a short list of the places I most frequently find myself window shopping (is it still called window shopping if you are on your computer?). Now, when I say window shopping, I of course mean real shopping. I rarely just browse - dangerous... Enjoy.

My number one, most frequent purchases come from The Book Depository (oops got stuck browsing right now). This site is based in the UK and has limitless amounts of books for sale at amazing prices and get this... POSTAGE FREE!! I haven't discovered many titles that they don't stock. It is cheaper to shop for books here than go to the shops near me. The Aussie dollar really helps right now and lets face it, books cost a lot here!

Now people who know me, know my second obsession is with fabric. Hard to stop. Hard to say no. Here are four online fabric stores I visit. Firstly Kelani has a great range including designer collections. They always ship super fast so not much waiting on the mail. Also very quick on the delivery is Ballarat Patchwork. Easy to use website and great service. Until recently, I have also shopped at Tessuti. They sell what I consider 'special' fabrics. Special pieces. I'd still be shopping with them online except Melbourne is now lucky enough to house our very own store. Another local that I love is Ink and Spindle. Screen printed fabric to die for (or should that be dye for?). Wonderful stuff. No shopping online for me anymore as the studio is literally around the corner - we're neighbours.

Now, I know most people know about Etsy but I spoke to a friend recently who had never heard of this great online store. I do quite a bit of shopping here. Our dollar is better against the American dollar right now so it isn't bad value shopping here. You end up with the most beautiful, unique, hand made goods. I am always a happy shopper on Etsy. I get lots of Japanese fabric and goods and random other things.

Finally, my sister just convinced me to sign up with Oz Sale. It is a member sign up thing and if people sign up from your recommendation then you get $. I am not sure about that side of it but I will give it a go. If you want to check it out too or sign up, you can use my link. I've had a look and the sales look pretty good. Some great bargains. Does anyone else out there use this site? Let me know what you think...

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