Friday, November 06, 2009

Is my life interesting?

I was telling a good friend how I feel a bit boring. Nothing to write about. I haven't blogged for ages.
She disagreed with me. She said I actually was interesting. I sat down and thought about what I have been up to... As you can see, I have been up to heaps. Maybe I am not boring - just lazy (or busy).

I am so happy that my sister, her husband and my beautiful niece have moved home from London.
The problem is that they have moved back to far away land. No matter which way I drive to get there, it takes around an hour! Luckily there are great people and cuddles at the end of the trip.
I thought I would share another little amusement of the trip. Makes me laugh every single time. I drive out via the Monash and near the end of my trip, just as I am getting really bored, I pass this exit ramp...
Can you read what it says? ERNST WANKE ROAD... Are you laughing too? I think it is so funny.


hausfrau said...

More of a snigger.

Marg and Graham said...

Does make one smile!

Anonymous said...

I've seen this sign many times and it always brings a smile to my face

Anonymous said...

Aha! So I'm not the only person who finds that road name funny!