Friday, November 13, 2009

A little bit of upheaval

Over the past 4ish months, my house has been sold from under me. Weird process. Not much fun at all. I rent where I am and have been there three years. Love my current place! I think I have been through 10 to 15 open houses. That means I have to tidy and minimise things every single week (or twice a week). Stress!!!
Anyway, the house finally sold! I had until the 14th of January to find a new place and move. About 10 days ago, I noticed the above place for lease IN MY STREET! Amazing. Things have moved so quickly that it has all become a bit of a blur. I went for the inspection, applied, was accepted and have paid bond and rent all in the last 6 days. Phew (draws breath)
The other crazy busy thing is that I move at the beginning of next month. In the time from now to then I have to complete reports for school, pack up, craft weekend and move. Ahhh (any volunteers for any of this?). The GREAT thing is that everything will be done by Christmas so I will be able to relax and enjoy my holidays. I have Japanese friends coming and they will get 100% of my attention.
Yesterday I also worked out that a new friend lives in my building. How good is that?

Life is good.
I feel good.


sooz said...

Yay! Such a good outcome - all the uncertainty and stress paid off I think.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to celebrate your new home with an African feast!

Di said...

Sometimes clouds have silver linings after all!!

Tanya said...

congrats on getting a new place so close by - would offer to help but will have to be more of the spiritual kind


Anonymous said...

This looks good; appears to be well maintained, very neat.
Hope it is just as good inside
Love JEG