Sunday, July 02, 2006

すし ~ Sushi

Whilst up in the northern regions, we satyed with Tom. What a host! He had warned us about, and welcomed us to, a small party he was throwing at his house on the Friday. His BOE were coming along. Lauren and I were not sure what to think but of course accepted. We had the most wonderful time. What a lovely bunch of people and I fell inlove with 5 year old Sachi. Sachi didn't stop using her mum's SLR and giggling with delight over the photos on my small digital. She is definately going to be a photographer in the future. What a girl!

The food was interesting and delicious. It was a mixture of east meets west. Japan meets the western version of a BBQ. The Japanese guests bought sushi and beer and Tom (with our help) provided the rest; meat, potatoes and bread. Yum!

PS... Thanks to Tom for putting us up. See you some time in the UK or Melbourne.


Cory said...

Ooooooh, that looks good!

Anonymous said...

Yummy looking food
Is the black underneath whale?
Love JEG xxx

Turning Japanese said...

No whale on this platter... The black on the right (under the orange balls) is seaweed. The black under everything is the platter itself.