Monday, July 03, 2006

Kujira - WHALE

Kujira - WHALE, originally uploaded by Really Turning Japanese.

Lauren and I ventured off to the deep, dark area of southern and western Yamaguchi last week. We live in the eastern corner so there were areas that to that point unexplored by us. Shimonoseki is the last town before you cross a bridge to the island of Kyushu. It is mostly famous for ふぐ or globe fish. You know the one... It is deadly. The Japanese know how to fillet it and do so removing the poisonous parts.

Lauren and I visitied Karato fish market hoping for a buzz of activity and lots of fresh, flapping fish. We arrived at about 8am to discover that Thursday isn't the best day to see fresh, flapping fish. There was a bit of activity but it was mostly quite sleepy. That didn't stop us from eating lots of fugu (globe fish) and photographing plenty of くじら (whale). We also ventured to the kaiten sushi restaurant, above the market, for the famed salmon cheese sushi. Try to imagine a slice of fresh salmon and a hunk of cheese lightly grilled with a blow torch - delicious!

If anyone is down Shimonoseki way, I recommend a visit to Karato. It was a lovely port area full of delicious treats. Now, I am even more excited to visit Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. Del, lets do it. You will be okay, I promise. The fish at Karato was so fresh there really was no smell at all. Imagine the photo opportunities!


Anonymous said...

Sorry we didn't get to go there! It all sounds quite delicious
Love JEG xxx

suzy said...

Tsukiji is amazing, I really recommend it if you have time. It doesn't really smell fishy at all, so just wear shoes that you don't care about too much (old sneakers?) and watch out for the crazy little electric buggies.