Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Help me name them

I have had the help of my sister and of a student here in Japan... Can you also help me? If you click on the photo, you will go to flickr and you can see the ones I have already identified...


Kat said...

the yellow cat (top left) is doraemon's sister, Dorami
the red face one at the bottom is called Dokinchan (she is a germ from the anpanman series)
not sure about the others sorry...the gold face one may or may not be ultra man (according to aki)

Anna said...

I don't have Japanese characters installed on my computer, what is the cheery fat faced man on the left?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen,
I like the picture about the masks.
I do miss your mum and dad.
your sincerely Kaitlin.

Turning Japanese said...

I am so busy these days. I am coming home soon so I am busy sightseeing, seeing friends and packing. I don't really like packing but I like the other things.
I guess I will see you soon. I am happy that you like my blog and you keep writing to me.

Anonymous said...

your blog is wondonful.
japanese is nice.
from Kaitlin.