Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fresh green growth of summer...

Rainy season has started. The positive of this fact is that everything seems more green. I love that!

P.S. Does anyone know the name of the above plant? It seems to be a kind of fern or palm.

It is actually a cycad or そてつ in Japanese. Very old. From the time of dinosaurs and often mistaken for a fern or palm. That is why I made the mistake.  Actually, I think it is specifically this one native to Japan.


Anonymous said...

How beautiful - certainly looks like a fern - M XXX

laura said...

Wow, nice shots, and I really like this layout!

Anonymous said...

To Ellen,
Hi it's Kaitlin here.
I like the picture of the plants.In Benalla there are no leaves on our plants.The roses
are getting pruned.

love from Kaitlin

Turning Japanese said...

Hi there Kaitlin,
I hope you find my reply. Are you missing my mum and dad whilst they are in China? I hope you are good. See you really soon.
Matta ne