Sunday, December 11, 2005

Christmas in Japan

I had quite a few thing to do today. A free Sunday but lots of jobs to finish off. Once I peeled myself from my bed, what did I do? Went for a drive of course. The premise was to return some DVDs but I went the really long way to the DVD store along the coast; one of my favourite stretches of road. The day was amazing. Beautiful winter sun. Blue skies and fluffy white clouds. I had to stop and take the above photos. This little statue is specifically for good luck during journeys. There are actually two statues here. People come and pray to them whenever needed. Recently someone decided they should get into the Christmas spirit. Usually they have a red bib type piece of fabric around their neck. Today there was even a Santa hat. Cute I thought.

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J-girl said...

I like the pictures (as usual). I also just wanted to say "hi". I kept meaning to converse with you at midyear, but somehow kept missing you. (Probably due to the fact I was constantly worrying about my presentation which was the final one on the 2nd day.)