Friday, December 09, 2005

Have your cake and eat it too...

I was just thinking about what to post next. This just happened...

I was quiety sitting at my desk reading the newspaper and catching up with news from home. A meeting finished up in the Principal's office and people began filing out. The first few people to exit called quietly but excitedly to me... I got up and walked into the office. I was then presented by the Vice Principal with the last piece of cake.He had bought it for the meeting and decided I should get the final piece. He really is kind.
This was a little unusual for me. At other schools, I am often treated as the prize guest. Not at my base school. I really feel one of the team and they always treat me well. I was surprised to get this delicious bit of cake.
While eating it, the Principal returned and gave me a small box containing two dog bells (bells in the shape of dogs). They are actually quite cute. Next year is the year of the dog. He told me that it was supposed to be a happy year.
Christmas seems to have come early.

PS I also got my first mail Christmas present today. Thanks Janet and Nan.

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Anonymous said...

And one of your last will be from your Mum - oh I have sent one but the second is a little late..... M XXXX