Thursday, December 15, 2005

Will Yamaguchi get a white Christmas?

Over the past week, Yamaguchi prefecture has had snow! I think each town can boast at least a sprinkling and I think Victoria in Ato takes the cake having the largest amount of snow (she actually had to 'dig' her car out of the driveway). As most people know, I won't be here for Christmas (mmm sunny Thailand), though I am hoping you will get snow for Christmas day where ever you are.
Megan and Christine at a recent conference. Megan is from Hawaii and Christine is from Florida. I am not sure how much snow Megan has seen (I know Christine saw her first snow recently), but both girls were having so much fun dancing in the pretty falling flakes. When they decided they were thirsty they just leant back their heads and opened wide. Mmmm, yum.
Hagians (people who live in Hagi) take pride in the amount of snow they get throughout winter... Here is Rosie's car the other morning. What a pretty dusting of soft snow. I am hoping you will get it on THE day. Have a Merry Christmas in Hagi without me.

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