Friday, December 11, 2009

Magic Medicine!

I'd not long woken up from an afternoon nap today (trying to sleep off a whole day long headache) when Skype popped up! Pleasant surprise, Amy!
Notice how sweet and happy she looks. Notice how pathetic I look. She is so sweet. We chatted about grocery shopping and ice cream.
When the conversation turned to Suzie and I, Amy and I pulled faces at each other. Funny!!
Finally, Amy tried on her new Ink & Spindle prototype top. Here's a teeny sneak preview. It is very pretty. I want one in adult size!
I feel much better now. Thanks Amy!!!

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sooz said...

I tell you lovely, the feeling was entirely mutual. Can I see if Ellen is on Skype is what Amy says ALL the time. She just loves talking to you, so glad the feeling is mutual :-) If it hadn't been dinner time she would have kept you going for hours! And I totally love the screen shots! How do you do that?