Friday, November 06, 2009

I have been busy.

Or, my life in photos...I have been spending a fair few Saturday (and Sunday) mornings here.
My new favourite 'local'. It is gorgeous. Bit busy and a bit noisy but the food is amazing (coffee good too).
I took my first ever teeny bit of long service leave (can you believe it?). Leave on a Friday and Monday means a four day break.
Headed up to Sydney for the most beautiful weather.
The sun shone on all the land marks, making them sparkle.
Stayed in Manly.
Watched some surfing.
Wandered along the beautiful beaches. Costs nothing. So wonderfully relaxing and refreshing!
Lunch at Doyles for a very, very special person. Happy Birthday Mum. We love you!!
The whole family was there. It was a special time and I will remember it forever. I placed Eva's feet in the sand and she wriggled and wriggled. Loved it. It was her first time! Wonderful.
Back at school, we have been hatching eggs. These little beauties have been so much fun. Lots of chicken love going around.


hausfrau said...

See? Interesting. More please.

superrelish said...

mmm, I would love a soy hot chocolate right now!