Sunday, June 11, 2006

Making the most of the nice weather

Time is running out fast! My calendar is pretty much full between now and leaving, so with a final free weekend and fair weather, Lauren and I went out for a drive. There is an area close by that we always forget about as it juts into the sea and we travel through and bypass it. The area is called Kaminoseki. I finally decided it was time to take a drive out there. Lauren was my cheerful (though slightly car sick) companion. Think windy roads, blue skies, ocean, mountains, rice fields and you can almost imagine being there. I had a lovely time but I came away thinking that an area so close to where I live, actually feels like the most remote area of Japan (way more remote than Oshima!).

The following photo was taken at the top of a fabulous look out at the top of a mountain. The 365 degree views were breath taking! It gave me a chance to appreciate that Japan is actually made up of thousands of small islands!


Speaka said...

Very nice pictures. Must've been a nice trip.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time M XXX

melindatherese said...
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melindatrees said...

hi, i just came across you blog through loobylu. i am also from melbourne but now live in two weeks i will also return temporarily (to bendigo) where i will give birth to our first child.
i really liked your story about the fireflies.i love them too. i am thinking to make a trip to yamagata before i go just to see them and eat some cherries.....if they are ready yet..