Sunday, June 11, 2006

Tsuyu means rainy season

On Friday, school was a buzz about recent news reports; rainy season had come! I thought it was an interesting observation as it had poured rain all Thursday and was still raining Friday morning. If you just glanced out the window, you could see for yourself that it was raining. Each season is announced on the news in Japan; the arrival of the cherry blossom and the arrival of the rainy season. I was then intrigued and delighted with the afternoon weather as pictured below. BLUE SKIES!!! Few and far between. I love them. The weekend has been mild and fine too. At this point, rainy season has lasted around 24 hours. I am sure we will get more rain this week though.


Anonymous said...

An amazing sky! M XXX

Anonymous said...

Please bring some tsuyu home with you; we are having a drought!
Love JEG xxx