Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I haven't forgotten blogger...

I just want to write and apologise for the lack of blogging. There are several elements in my life that are contributing to this, least of which is Flickr.
People who know me, know I am photo obsessed. Flickr is amazing. I have been uploading lots and sorting, organising etc. Check it out.
Also... time is ticking down to me leaving Japan. I am trying to create a balance between socialising and packing/cleaning. Socialising wins most of the time unless I have no money. I actually don't enjoy the feeling of doing things for the final time. I am trying to ignore this fact and just enjoy each day. I know those at home can't wait to see me (I can't wait to get there) and the people here don't want me to go (I don't want to leave). The fact is, as time ticks down, by August 3rd I will be at home. Strange!


April in Wonderland said...

I'm one of the ones who wants you home... ME ME ME!

Turning Japanese said...

I knew you would be the first to write and I figured you would write pretty much exactly that!

Lots of love!

Anna said...

It's time for a new beginning! Look forward to the future and make each day count.

Good luck, it's not fun leaving, I understand that more than many people.