Sunday, May 07, 2006


With a free day up our sleeves, Alex and I headed off to see the lesser known Husband and Wife vine bridges (a post on that later). About 10 minutes from the bridges, we stumbled across an interesting sight. It turns out that a husband and wife make elaborate scarecrow type creatures and place them around their farm and even in their house. There were probably around 100 of these 'people' in all sorts of positions in the field. They were quite life like. The lady of the house, told us to explore and check out the house further up the drive. She then took us to her own house and showed us inside. She was so kind... Maybe she was happy to talk to some 'real people' for a change!
The scarecrows were even scattered up the hillside behind the houses. They went for miles.
This one has no face but most were amazingly life-like and detailed.
These two lovely ladies were just inside the house. They had perfect manners!
Sitting down for a nice cup of tea with the family. Hehehe
Some fellows enjoying the sunshine from the porch.


Speaka said...

Wow...those are cool...but creapy too. What are they trying to scare away indoors?

Speaka said...

...still creepy...even with the text...

Anonymous said...

What great expressions M XXX

Lauren said...

i think I'm a bit scared of them...a bit like clowns and dolls... Great pictures though!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful holiday; lot of effort has gone into this hobby (?obsession)