Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mr and Mrs Bridge

Apart from Chiiori, the main reason for heading into the depths of the Iya Valley, were the vine bridges. There are only three bridges left in the whole valley. Years ago, fighting clans, used the bridges as a point of defense. If enemy attacked, the bridges could easily be cut down, stopping any kind of advancement for at least a little while.
There is one particularly famous bridge, and hoards of people were there to look and walk across it. There is a purpose built car park close by which was also quite amazing. Alex and I stopped for a look but didn't cross. We were holding out for the lesser known 'Husband' and 'Wife' bridges in East Iya. These bridges hang side by side. The husband bridge being the larger of the two (of course... sheesh).
Mrs Bridge.
Me, balanced on Mr Bridge.
It wasn't that scary but you had to hold on. I found it exciting, trying to balance and juggle 3 cameras at the same time. Please notice how wide the steps are. My foot could quite easily fit between those planks!
Holding on carefully. As I said, not that hard. The funny thing was watching a tough bikey walking slowly across. He was holding on for dear life. He looked really scared!
Though difficult to see, each bridge is reinforced throughout by metal cord. The bridges themselves, are replaced every three years.


Speaka said...

Awesome pictures of the bridges...especially the first one.

Anonymous said...

Your Father would have fun on the bridges M XXX