Monday, May 22, 2006

I'm Tom Hanks.

One of my classes had to play a self introduction game today. The game was way too easy for most students. Several stumbled through the provided lines. These are the sentences as they were written on the blackboard.

I'm (so and so).
I like (so and so).
I play (so and so).

One of the funniest students I know, walked confidently up to me and said,

"I'm Tom Hanks. Nice to meet you."

I laughed so hard.

PS... These kids are around 12 years old.


Anonymous said...

Better than Tom Cruise M XXX

Kat said...

Hey! I'm not sure whats proving difficult for you with the google thing but "ellen looks like" gets the following responses:
Ellen looks like she’s wearing a curtain… a red, long curtain…. ...
Ellen looks like an underfed plucked chicken."
"Ellen looks like Luke Wilson."
ellen looks like shes got a major hangover
Ellen looks like shes about to soil herself
haha! X

Daniel said...

No, I look like Tom Hanks and I have half of Hagi telling me I look like Tom Hanks.