Monday, May 22, 2006

Frogs and crickets and bats, oh my!

The frogs were singing.

The crickets were chirping.

The bats were clicking.

I got home quite late last night (just after midnight). When I opened my car door, I was surprised to hear such a lot of noise right in the middle of the night. The afore mentioned animals were all hard at it. They were really trying to out do each other.

I climbed my stairs happily thinking about the turn in weather and hoped to myself that there were not creepy crawlies at my door. The porch light was off and I fumbled with my keys for quite a while. I eventually stumbled inside and caught sight of something lying right beside where I had been standing seconds before. The small furry object was illuminated by the inside light. I opened the door a fraction more and noticed a teeny tiny bat. He seemed to be resting or sleeping right at my door. He was seriously lucky that I didn't step right on him. Actually, I am lucky too, as I would have got a terrible fright and perhaps even screamed.

He was gone this morning. I wonder where his day bed is? I wonder if he will be back?


J-girl said...

I hope it doesn't live too nearby!

Anonymous said...

When I was quite young I stayed with Col & Marion. I was given sheets to make up a bed in the bungalow - there was a bat in the bed and I had to get rid of it before I could make the bedJEG xxx

beckyyyy said...

aw, kowaiii!!! your own pet bat!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my stars, wellen!!! I loooovve bats! That is so cool. can't believe you didn't take a pic of that one for me... I'm a little jealous.

Anonymous said...

..........he is with Mrs Bat! M XXX