Saturday, April 15, 2006

Yummy delights

I don't know why I look so grumpy in this photo, actually I do, it's the sun. It was so glarey that I couldn't keep a straight face. It happened to be about the most perfect day for our whole trip. Please notice I am wearing a t-shirt and THE SKY IS BLUE! What bliss! Janet and I took a moment out of a very long day of walking to enjoy a choco banana; a fresh banana covered in chocolate - YUM!

We headed off to the world heritage site of Daigo-ji for a famous cherry blossom parade (more about that later). Anywhere there is a parade or festival, you can sample some of the delights of the area. This guy is making a kind of biscuit with nutty beans. They were actually delicious!

I love the above restaurant. I found it in the lonely planet easily and then had to find it within the 'real' city of Kyoto. That was last autumn. Anyway, I had to visit again this spring. It is a tempura restaurant. Tempura is practically anything dipped in batter and deep fried. Sounds greasy I know but it isn't. Sooooo yummy and crispy.


Speaka said...

Looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected... YUM YUM YUM!!! i want one of those Watermellen!... the chocolate banana that is!
There... i commented.
Love you.

Anonymous said...

What's the funky colours on them,E?
they look yum too. are they little sugared delights?
April. xxx

Turning Japanese said...

Yup they are sugary sprinkles. Mine were little stars and the other banana has little sticks like at home. So yummy.