Friday, April 14, 2006

Ryoan-ji garden, Kyoto

This could quite possibly be the most famous Zen, dry stone garden in Japan. The day we visited it wasn't dry however as it was raining on and off. I had heard that it was quite beautiful in the rain as the water brings out the colours of nature. It was stunning (my third visit) but I would have been happier with blue skies! It is thought to have been constructed some time in the 15th century and contains only 15 stones. When you enter the adjoining building, you come across a veranda area where you are free to sit down and contemplate the reason and meaning behind the garden. I just enjoyed the surroundings and quiet amongst the crowds!


Anonymous said...

I loved the garden - but the adjoining walls is magnificent - M XXX

Speaka said...

I feel very Zen even looking at the photo.