Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Thailand, a fond memory

(Written for a second time as I lost the first copy - sorry if the flair is gone)

A funny memory just came to me. Lauren, Rutt (my thai friend) and I went out one night to visit one of the massively large, impressive shopping centres. This place was huge and we went there with one thing on our minds - English books!

We drove up to the carpark enterance and were meet by three stern looking men dressed in military uniforms. They were to begin a security check. Every car was checked over for bombs. At first, Lauren and I were surprised at this necessary security measure. One fellow spoke to Rutt through the open window, the second stood guard and the third proceeded to check under the car with an oversized dentist type mirror. It was then that Rutt boldly asked about her bomb in the boot. She wanted to know why they were only checking the underneath of the car when she could easily conceal a bomb in the boot of her car. The fellow chatting through the window almost smirked but refused to make further comment. He just waved us through and we went shopping. Lauren and I couldn't believe Rutt's boldness. It still makes me giggle.

As a side note, our boot did get checked another time but they failed to check under the car. Strange!


Lauren said...

Hahaha...yeah that was soo funny! I loved Rutt's confidence and feistiness (spelling???).

Cinnacism said...

That type of talk would get you arrested in the U.S. Trust me, I know.

Turning Japanese said...

You'd get into a lot of trouble in Australia too. Let's just say, you wouldn't think about saying what she said. Lauren and I were SO surprised!

J-girl said...

I think incomplete security checks happen just about everywhere, but that took some guts to say what she said!