Monday, January 23, 2006


I am sitting here at my base school being as strong as possible. I am chanting in my head "don't get sick, don't get sick". So far it is working. Lucky for me. Touch wood.
There are 215 students in this school and 25 are away sick right now. Mostly with flu. Influenza is infuruenza in Japanese. Shortened to infuru. So 25 are sick. 19 of these students are from the 2nd grade. It is a serious problem here. The 2nd grade students went home at 10am on Friday to rest and take care of their health.
Quite amazing!


J-girl said...

Since I've gotten a cough and sore throat, my chant's changed to one of denial: "You're NOT sick! You're NOT sick!"

alex said...

Eat lots of mikan and keep warm!

nowinihon said...

after being sick in bed three times in the few months I've been here (really nasty), I now rinse my throat with that iodine stuff you get from the chemist at the mere hint of a sore throat plus take vitamin sups.
Mind you despite having a temperature and shivering etc. each time i've been ill the dr has described it as a "cold" so i'm dreading finding out what the flu is like.
ps thanks for the spag bol recipe. i made it tonight and it was good, despite using ingredients from the Big supermarket.

Gillian said...

Last night at J-class one of the Chinese girls said she'd been sick, and our teacher asked if it was flu - and I've never seen anyone look as horrified as the Chinese girl looked! (Not even when I suggested to a J-teacher that we should be careful sharing eye-masks between students in case they had lice!). It all became clear when we realised that So-san though we were implying she had bird-flu!
Hope you stay healthy ;)

J-girl said...

You've been tagged!

Sarah said...

my whole 1 nen sei (so that was 1/3 of the school) was cancelled for 2 days due to the flu. as well as the 3 and 5 nen sei from the shogakko. sounds like it's an epidemic