Thursday, January 26, 2006

Some things can't be captured with my camera!

Today was kind of overcast. Not as though it was going to rain but more like haze - everywhere. It seemed like fire smoke in the whole sky. AND it was cold!
As I was driving home and the night was closing in, I looked out the window across the hills and caught sight of the setting sun. I almost ran off the road and into a rice field. The sun was stunning and huge. I guess the sun is usually the size of my finger nail in the sky and lets face it you can't and shouldn't look at it. Tonight it was the size you can make if you join your thumb and pointer finger together. It was also a dark pinky red. Amazing. You could look right at it. It made me think of the Japanese flag. Now the fact that I didn't have my camera didn't annoy me (surprisingly). If I did have it, I know I could never pick up the effect. The sun ALWAYS looks small using a camera (well the kind I have anyway). I am just trying to remember the view in my mind. That is where that photo will stay.

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