Thursday, January 26, 2006

Can school lunch be scientific?

To taste or not?
Now the other day I was presented with the mandarine and potato salad. I could pretty much guess what I was trying when they placed it in front of me. I guess you could say that I felt quite safe.
Please note today's dish presented above...
When this was presented to me I hesitated. Firstly as it is black. Secondly, it is not appetising (what do you think?)
Anyway... I made a good choice. Finally an English teacher entered the room. I hadn't touched my food. I asked him what it was... I didn't notice the principal standing in front of me as I asked. The principal was the first to answer. He doesn't really speak ANY English...
"Whale! Sorry!"
He said to me. The English teacher also stated that it was whale. Hmmm, I thought.
"Want mine".
"Yes," he replied with delight in his eyes.

Now this is a school of about 300 people. Everyone got whale for lunch. It is supposed to be expensive but we only pay about $2.50 for lunch each day. How can the government convince people the whale they eat is killed for scientific purposes. Why does killing them for scientific purposes make it okay anyway?


Anonymous said...

That's really yukky wellen, i'm so glad you didn't eat it.
Will send some real food to you soon... Picnics and cherry ripes i think, were what you requested!
Love and kisses,

superrelish said...

OK, so I think I will join you on the boycotting of todays lunch. Not only did your lunch once swim (therefore classified as seafood on the planet I am from), but HELLO - it is whale!

goongirl said...

Acutally most whale on sale in Japan is not a "great whale" (the big ones like blue whale/minke/fin whale etc, it is usually dolphin or some other smaller cetacean.

Patrick from Iwakuni pointed this site out. Heavy metals hmmm yummo.

I love what Green Peace was doing in the southern ocean.

Turning Japanese said...

Eugh! Steph, I read that webpage you linked. Why isn't it written in Japanese? They don't have to convince me not to eat it!