Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Thailand... Mmmmmm. Can't wait

I think it is about 11 weeks until I finally set off for Thailand. I know many of you have already made this journey but I haven't as yet. Lauren and I will spend 17 fun packed days there. Photographing anything that moves, touring and eating our hearts out.

Lauren, I have one word for you, 'ELEPHANTS'

Oh and Lauren, you know I am so looking forward to the food. I found this picture on the net especially for you!

I hope all the meat is this fresh. Bit scary actually!


Lauren said...

Yey..elephants!!! I too am looking forward to the food...but..IM NOT EATING THAT!!!! heeheee! xx

alex said...

Haha, you might not want to go to Okinawa then, they love eating sheep heads! euw.

Turning Japanese said...

Yeah the Icelandics love it too (sheeps head that is). Actually that pig head doesn't worry me as much as the flies and heat. No refridgeration. Ohhh my stomach is heaving just thinking about t.

Anonymous said...

That pic is sooooo gross! can't wait for this month to end so that i don't have to view it on your front page every time i visit.
Love, April. xxx