Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sea Kayaking and Frogmonkyo

Alex and I relaxing beside the river in Chumonkyo (not really called Frogmonkyo as above). Chomonkyo is a beautiful gorge walk in Yamaguchi. Sunday saw our return for the annual gorge walk... In the rain. Ginny appears to have been for a swim when in actual fact the swim came much later. Her appearance is due to walking in the rain and then lunching in a down pour.
Dave thinking about going for a swim. The gorge was amazing. The rain gave it a rainforest/jungle feel. This atmosphere was added to by the many spiders, two snakes and millions of frogs jumping all over the place (hence the above name, Frogmonkyo)
Saturday saw me joining Sarah and Christine for one of my favourite Japanese experiences. Kayaking in the ocean... well sea. We meet at Susa (Korea side of Japan) and grabbed a boat each. We explore the caves in the cliffs and I even rang Dad from the boat. I think he was a little chuffed. We did spend quite a lot of time dodging the giant jelly fish that were out especially for autumn. Ugh!
Stomolophus nomurai - Giant Japanese Jellyfish. Can grow up to 2m in diameter. Can kill humans. Can be eaten by humans. Not much info on the web... sorry!


Anonymous said...

Looks like heaps of fun M XXX

Sarah said...

whoa, look at those jelly fish..its amazing they didn't eat you alive...

Anonymous said...

stay away from that sucker!!!
Love, April. xxx

Anonymous said...

ps: who's the blonde hottie in the cap?? I assume thats a boy. is he hot and single??? just kidding.
Love ya. Guess who!