Thursday, July 21, 2005

A First Time Bug Experience

Hmmm, interesting.
I was driving home in the dark tonight and I noticed that the moon was full. Not just full but huge and orange. Stunning actually. I decided to go somewhere high to get a good look. Behind my house is a hill with a small temple on top (Mum and Jodi I took you there - remember?). You have to go up a really narrow road to reach the top. Part of the trip is through a bamboo grove. It is really mystical. So I ventured there tonight.
This is where the interesting experiences began. The bamboo grove at night, with no illumination but my headlights, was spooky. No sooner had I entered the grove than a big spider dropped onto my windscreen. I almost screamed! As I carried on toward the temple, I noticed that I was driving through many spiderwebs. Some drapped across the road and some hanging from the trees. A little creepy!
Suddenly in my high beams, I noticed a cicada emerging from its shell. I often found old shells on gum trees as a kid but I have never seen a fresh cicada. The picture doesn't show the vivid lime green colour (thanks flash!). It was amazing. I jumped out to take a picture and jumped right back into the car even quicker as I thought of the SPIDERS!!!


Cinnacism said...

That is amazing. Wow, what a great picture.

Jodi said...

Hi there El,
I remember the place exactly & understand about the colour (I also tried to capture that green colour). Glad I wasn't there for the spiders though
Love Jodi