Sunday, July 19, 2009

KitKat critics

I love the seasonal food available in Japan. The seasonal KitKats are perhaps the most fun! Each time I head over there, I hunt around for what is in store at that time of year. I collected quite a stash in January. It has taken me until now to photograph them and add them to my blog and flickr accounts.
I also took them to a friend's house last night so that her kids could be the critics!
They munched their way through the lot. Tasting a little of each. Here are their faves as I remember...

O (10 year old boy) - number one was Cookies Plus with Green Tea last
P (5 year old girl) - number one was Strawberry with Potato last

A friend is coming over from Japan at Christmas time. I guess I should ask her to start collecting new flavours for me now.

Cookie Plus.
Green Tea.
Strawberry (anyone got an actual translation?)
Candied Potato.
Yuzu (Japanese citrus)
Lucky Little - cherry blossom - sakura


Anonymous said...

Wow these are amazing. Just when you thought they had done every flavour they come out with potato and yuzu!?
Rosie xox

Jodie said...

Potato??? What an unusual mix.

hausfrau said...

You know Green Tea would have been the favourite if only it was PINK.

Di said...

So many KitKats to chose from! We had chilli kit kats when I was in Japan in April....

Anonymous said...

I like the almost new dark chocolate Kit Kats (Australian)
love JEG

ladydi said...

I love kit kats - at least the chocolate kind! I had never heard of the others before, and I'm not sure I'd use the calories on them. :>}