Friday, April 03, 2009

Petr Horacek

Author number one... Petr Horacek.  I love this author/illustrator.  It was the illustrations that caught my eye in the beginning.  They are bright and wonderful.  Open each book and it gets better and better...  The stories are simple and easy to follow with repeating and directional text such as over, under and through.
Choo Choo was the first book that I bought.  It just caught my eye.  I had no idea who Petr Horacek was.  
My god-daughter Milla and I chose this book during an outing to Borders.  We both loved how the story followed the little mouse through the pages.  It wasn't until I got home that I realised I now had two Petr Horacek books.  It was from this moment on that I was on the hunt!
I moved over to the Book Depository to look for more of Petr's books.  This online store is fabulous.  Books are usually affordable and cheaper than Amazon as there is no postage.
I bought my three most recent Petr Horacek books...
Hello Little Bird... Sweet
What is Black and White.  I love this one.  The texts repeats between "A goose is white", "A crow is black".  Each page is slightly shorter than the page before.  As the pages turn, the left of the book has long black and white stripes.  More and more appear until the final page which says... "A Zebra is black and white".  The body of the zebra is made up of the page stripes.  Lovely!!!
Beep Beep.  This is my favourite book so far.  The text uses words like over, around and through as the family travel in their car to Grandma's house.  Super lovely!


Marg and Graham said...

Look froward to reading this lot! XXX

Clementine's Shoes said...

Love his books too- they have Suzy Goose at the library and we've borrowed it a few times now. Wonderful pictures.