Wednesday, November 19, 2008

3 little smiles

Here a a few things that have made me smile in the last two days...

1.  A prep child (5 years old) at school saying that when they are in grade two, they want to be in my grade and finishing by say that they love me.  So sweet and genuine!

2.  Buying petrol yesterday for 110.3 cents.  That is quite huge here as petrol has reached about 170 cents per liter recently.  110.3 is positively cheap!  My little obsession with checking the petrol price comes from my father.  He always looks around for a deal (makes me think of the Annabelle Principal - do you know what I mean?)

3.  The coolest thing that happened and made me laugh as well as smile; a wild wallaby visiting school.  In the middle of our staff meeting last night, one of the staff members from Aftercare came running into the room to ask for help.  They had shut all the kids safely in a room and there was a KANGAROO loose in the yard.  Now this is weird as we are basically inner city Melbourne.  The wildest of life we might see is a possum or a fox (and foxes are introduced).  As it turned our, it was a large black wallaby.  He was pretty spooked and eventually jumped our fence and headed for a VERY busy main road.  He made it safely across and set up residence in a jungle-like front yard.  The assistant principal from school, several staff members and some locals ensured that the wallaby stayed put until help arrived.  Hilarious.  Great interruption to our evening staff meeting.

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superrelish said...

Nice distraction. I don't think I could arrange such distractions for each meeting night, perhaps I could just skype or text to keep you awake instead!