Monday, September 08, 2008

AJ has always had a thing for blue textas

Here he is at age 2.  This creative effort stretched past the canvas of his body and also covered the wall.  Definitely took a few days to wash off!  I love the wink in this photo.
Here is AJ at age 6 and a half (sound asleep).  He and Milla were so hyped up tonight, for no apparent reason!  They even surfed down their flight of stairs on an old bed mattress!  I was sure the night was going to end in tears.  I was quite surprised that both of them went to bed with no arguments.  They usually spend at least half an hour to settle... Not tonight.  They were quiet from the beginning - strange.
Their Dad, Sean, went up stairs to check on them at about 9.  On his descent, he remarked, questioning if they had gone to bed with 'blue' faces?  We grabbed the closest camera and headed upstairs!  We were literally rolling around on the floor.  We now understood why they were so quiet at bed time.  I wonder what it will be like getting ready for school tomorrow?
Of course, Milla didn't miss out!


superrelish said...

Oh my little blue babies. Don't forget the adventure where Boo was covered in blue oil paint for weeks too!

Anonymous said...

haha...oh goodness! Marah