Sunday, July 01, 2007

Don't panic... I am fine

The holiday was off to a rocky start (almost as bad as my Bangkok experience)! I booked on the net with Jetstar, Melbourne to Sydney and then international to Osaka. I arrived at the airport super early thanks to Jodi, booked in and waited for my flight. I waited and waited. There was no plane. I was wondering if I would make my connection in Sydney considering I had to book in there and pass through customs! I was assured that I should be fine. Eventually, we arrived into Sydney at 11.05 and I was due to fly out at 11.30. I had to catch the bus transfer to the international terminal, check-in and get through customs. Lets just say I ran faster than I have ever! Thank God my main case was checked right through. I have never been through customs faster. The plane was still there and I wasn't quite the last to board. Talk about stress!

Day 2 - Osaka to Mojiko. Due to rain today. I took 6 trains to get to Mojiko. It started to pour half way through the trip. OMG. If only we could have a bit of that rain over the cathments in Victoria. I got to my hotel at the other end of the day and checked in. I headed out again in the rain to shop. The rain stopped and I wa able to sight see a bit!

Day 3 - Wedding... I woke today to no rain (lucky). I headed across the bay and back to Yamaguchi (my home prefecture). My aim of the day - SALMON CHEESE SUSHI... I wandered and snapped until the sushi restaurant opened. Ate salmon cheese sushi (the cheese is grilled and it all melts in your mouth) and blow fish - yum. Headed back across the bay for the wedding. There was the ceremony, reception, after party and the after, after party. All involved eating (apart from the ceremony). I fell into bed at 12.30

Day 4 - Today. Headed to Yamaguchi city and had lunch at Alex's favouite cafe. It was still great. Finally arrived at Kazumi and Andrew's place and ate San Zoku for dinner. i am now ready to fall into bed.



Selene said...

oh, how I LOVE salmon cheese sushi...! Ii naa..! Enjoy your holiday!

superrelish said...

Glad to hear that you made it OK. What is a holiday without stress anyway?

It sounds like you are having a great time now, cant wait to see the pics!