Friday, February 02, 2007

AJ's favourite movie

What teen or adult doesn't love Topgun? So does AJ, aged exactly 5. AJ has seen Topgun about a million times. I thought I would blog and let you know two pieces of vocabulary he has learnt from the movie. Here they are...

1. MABRICK - aka Maverick or Tom Cruise

2. VODER ARROW - Meant to be bow and arrow and for some reason what AJ calls the missiles from the plane.

This is all very funny and cute as he will correct you if you get it wrong. Del, get ready for AJ to start writing and spelling things in crazy ways. I am sure he will spell words as he hears them and he definitely hears things differently than you and me!


April in Wonderland said...

This is funny to read so much more after having witnessed it myself. You are such a character, master AJ... Thanks for my hug tonite.

ps: and thanks for my lick milli. x

superrelish said...

Let's set the scene...
Sunday arvo, Milla asleep on the couch, me getting dome food ready to bbq and AJ watching Top Gun (first time in over a week!)

AJ is watching the movie, singing to the songs, acting it out and reciting the lines as only he can hear them.

The scene being recited sees Charlie criticizing Mavericks flying, he is a little upset and storms away from the lecture theatre. Charlie runs after him, calling out 'Lieutenant, lieutenant' trying to get his attention. AJ unique interpretation of this is - 'Mohammed, Mohammed'!

Further evidence we live in a multi cultural society.

あけみ said...

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megan said...

ohisashiburi, ellen. i love that close-up of the cat. kawaii! put more photos up of the slide film stuff! loved that one of the maiko-san.

kings on the lake said...

must agree on the times watching Top Gun,sure must know it all word for word now even if it is in his own cute ways and sayings.