Sunday, January 21, 2007

A little flash back

Last April, I bought a bunch of slide film. The quality of slide film is far finer than regular film though more of a hastle to develop, view and gain prints from. I ended up with 11 films, so you can imagine the cost inviolved. I eventually received a lump sum payment from my time in Japan so I rushed down to get the films processed. Mum and Dad have a very retro slide projector and I have been having a blast looking through the 11 films that are almost one whole year old. They are all smack bang in the middle of cherry blossom time and a majority were taken in Kyoto (my fave place). I will include my fave shot within this post. Enjoy...


Marg & Graham said...

What a beautiful photo!

Anonymous said...

A brilliant photo; I liked Kyoto too.
Cherry blossom amazing
Love JEG xxx