Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A quick update

I am still here (if anyone is wondering). My life has been quite crazy... Just enough time to get on the net and glance at blog updates but no time to comment, let alone write my own.

So here is all the busy-ness in a nutshell.

Looking for acommodation. That is not fun. Places are grotty, over priced etc. You turn up for a viewing and no-one comes, or you turn up and there are a million people there. You lodge an application and hope for the best. As I said... not fun.

I have been running around trying to catch up with all those friends who are near and dear to me. I missed everyone so much when I was away and there are still several people who I am yet to see. Bad me...

School. So much to get my head around. I am still not fully back into it. Kids and work friends are good but my head (heart) just isn't in it yet. I keep thinking C.A.M.E.R.A.s...

I have also had lots of other things on my plate. I have two friend arriving from Japan for Christmas, Sarah (and maybe Kat) are arriving for their Melbourne adventure, I have had a funeral (I won't go into it but it was tragic and far too young - one of my ex students) and on a high note, this coming Sunday, I may get up in a hot air balloon.

So there you are. I am still here and love reading your comments. I hope there are some people out there still reading. I will try to get better... Post more photos...

See you soon


Anna said...


If you put on a Dolly Parton voice and sing, it fits to the song D.I.V.O.R.C.E!!!

Don't ask me how that came into my head!

Crystal said...

Keep blogging, I am still checking out what you are up to!