Saturday, September 02, 2006

A bit of fun with a scanner

Mum and Dad recently had a bit of fun scanning about a million old family photos. Anna's and mine were fading out of existence (something to do with the processing of film in the 70's). It was so much fun looking through them all. There were even lots that I had never seen. The selection above are of me at around age 2 and a half. I love the look of them in black and white, they were all in colour before scanning. Thanks Mum and Dad for the hours of work!!!


Speaka said...

Very cute!

Marg & Graham said...

Like this entry - and yes we had fun doing the scanning (more to come when we do the slides!) XXX

April in Wonderland said...

how cute are you wellen! I love your "nappy" hotpants you cutie!!!