Thursday, July 20, 2006

Damn the tears!

So it is done. Goodbye to my original school. I love Yamato junior high!

There was a half hour ceremony just for me. I was holding it together quite well as it felt like my millionth goodbye. I knew some tears would squeeze out but when? It was right in the middle of the movie they made for me. Each club had made a farewell speech for me. Most of them were in English. Lots of We love you's... They set me off. A tear here, a tear there. Then I was asked to go up onto the stage. First the Principal spoke followed by one of the leaders of the school. The leader spoke in English (that also set me off). Then two of my favourite friendly girls brought me flowers and gifts. I also had to deliver a farewell speech. I did this in Japanese. That part was okay. The whole school then cheered for me and sang me the school song. Finally, I had the farewell music played just for me and I had to walk out of the gym all by myself. Then the tears fell - back in the staffroom. I am kind of okay now but sheesh... I am going to really miss this school!!!


Anonymous said...

I had a tear in my eye reading this too. I would have wept buckets!
Love JEG xxx

Anna said...

I want to see a movie of you reading a speech in Gingapanese!!

bryant family said...

How sweet.. i'm glad that you cried because it makes it ok that i have tears in my eyes too..
Paula x