Saturday, May 20, 2006

Cute as a button

I can't deny it, Japanese kids on a whole are super cute. Especially the young ones. I personally can't wait to get home to two pretty cute Aussie kids; one of whom is pictured left.

PS I think I bought almost the entire outfit being modelled - though not the jacket!


J-girl said...

Cho kawaii!

Speaka said...

I love the boots! Super cute!

"Kawaii" means "cute", right? Is "cho" super/really?

Turning Japanese said...

You got it speaka!

Jagaimo... Domo. Her brother is just as cute.

Anonymous said...

They are both cute - when do we get to baby sit again!? M XXX

superrelish said...

baby sit - you dont need an invite, anytime is good.
you busy now?

Anonymous said...

Miss princess Milla George!!! what a spunk... this big aussie kid can't wait til you come home either, Wellen.
Love, April.