Saturday, April 29, 2006

Lovely time of year

When the Koinobori (above) come out, you know it is a sign for better weather to come. Actually they are the symbol for boys day. They come out slowly over the month leading up to May 5th. Boys day is quite nice for everyone because it is a public holiday, so are May 3rd and 4th. If you are clever and take the Monday and Tuesday before as leave, you get 9 days off in a row. Yippee
So... I am off today to Shikoku (the smallest of Japan's four main islands). First a ferry trip and them driving for 5 days. So I will see you all soon and share lots of photos and memories. I hope you are also planning some fun and relaxation at this time of year.
PS Bring on the blue skies!


Speaka said...

Nice picture...stong colours against a nice blue sky.

What is Boys day? Is there a Girls day? A Mans day? A Womans day?

J-girl said...

I tried to be "clever" and take today and tomorrow (Mon & Tues) off, but I have classes to teach. i_i Hope you have fun in Shikoku!

bryant family said...

love your site, you have some awesome photos and from what i have heard from Del, you have LOTS of them!!!
Can't believe that it is nearly time for you to come back to Melbourne, has it been two years already ??